Ledelco gets a new website

Ledelco has a brand new website located at Halifaxled.com

Our old site was in dire need of an upgrade and Joomla is not the easiest to work with so we’ve gone with a new WordPress format. Much easier to work with, set up and update. I hope you will visit us there soon.

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Ledelco Photo slideshow featured on Houzz.com

We’ve recently partnered with Houzz.com and are busy making use of all their new features like this new slideshow. Have a look to see what jobs we’ve done. Maybe it will help you with some ideas for your next exciting project or renovation.

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The HoareHouse – First Impressions – Pt.1

In 2014 I met a wonderful couple who had recently retired and moved to Nova Scotia from Montreal. They purchased a very unique home located on the outskirts of Annapolis Royal. The house is made entirely of stone with a copper roof. The house was built as a summer home in 1933 by a wealthy American industrialist. Some postulate that he built this house as a haven in case war ever reached the US.

2014-05-25 16.14.22

The house has some very unusual features which make it interesting, yet extremely difficult to work on. The basement walls range in thickness from 28 to 36 inches, as do the stone walls which make up the exterior. There are steel I beams supporting each of the floors and partially finished attic. Most of the interior walls are at least one foot thick. There are two layers of brick with a layer of plaster and lath on each side. The wiring is run in steel conduit sandwiched between the layers of brick. Capping the house is a thick copper roof and three massive chimneys. The floors are a mix of stone, hardwood and tile. There are 22 rooms above ground, 5 bathrooms and several fireplaces. The house is heated with steam provided by two recently modernized boilers. The basement is a maze of rooms, each with thick, concrete walls. The attic is partially finished with a steel fire door that separates it from the unfinished portion. A central spiral staircase winds between the three floors.

2014-05-25 16.14.59

The house sits on a 350 acre parcel of land, which is a small portion of what was once a much larger estate which ended at the Bay of Fundy. The driveway is several hundred feet long, overhung with large, stately trees. Attached to the house is a two bay garage with what was once servants quarters above it. Also attached is a gardening shed and a moderately sized greenhouse. The grounds are dotted with orchards, shrubs, flower beds and other landscaping features. The house itself had fallen into a mild state of disrepair over the decades but still represented a grand structure with the right ideas and determination.

2014-05-25 16.18.10

Oddly enough, I first heard of this house while listening to a radio show on CBC. I tuned in during an interview with the new owners who were speculating on whether or not their house was equipped with hidden bunker, as was rumored by some of the local residents. Apparently the lawn did have some stand pipes, as well as several steel and concrete capped manholes. In the past, people have opened the covers exposing a deep, dark hole below but no one had ever ventured inside. After that and other topics, the interview concluded. I was intrigued but didn’t think much more about it until several months later when my phone rang. I received a call from a gentleman with a British accent inquiring about an LED retrofit for his rather large home. After a spirited conversation it suddenly dawned on me that this was the owner of the house I had heard on the radio show. A few days later I was meeting with owners and their project manager for the first time. We all got along famously and work soon began.

2014-05-25 16.17.17

In addition to the LED pot light retrofit, at this point there were several planned renovations. Extensive electrical upgrading was a must. Not only were there no existing pot light fixtures, there was very little lighting overall and nowhere near enough electrical outlets for a modern family. Although the house was very well constructed, the electrical system was showing its age. It goes without saying that there were no ethernet outlets and wireless internet was a difficult proposition in a house with foot thick brick walls, steel I beams between the floors and a copper roof.

More soon in Pt. 2


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Halifax LED Lighting – Ledelco

I’ve been pretty busy so I haven’t devoted nearly enough time updating my blog. I have lots of pictures and projects to share. As a sample, here are some recent project photos.


Halifax LED Lighting Ledelco


Halifax LED Lighting Ledelco


Halifax LED Lighting Ledelco

Halifax LED Lighting Ledelco


Annapolis LED Lights Ledelco


Halifax LED Lights Ledelco


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LED Lighting at The HFX Sports Bar

The New Palace in Halifax, NS has recently undergone a major renovation and image change. The are now called the HFX Sports Bar and Grill. This was the site of our most recent, extensive LED project. This new sports bar features almost 2 kilometres of LED strip lights. They are everywhere. In the ceiling, signage, booth backs, steps, under counters, display cases and even edge lighting their 36 foot, 1.5 inch thick glass bar top and kick plate.    

2014-03-24 21.52.12


We used a mix of products to achieve the stunning appearance inside this bar. RGBW LED strips were used for the majority of the project, with other types of LED fixtures were used for the exterior. Everything is tied into a central computer which controls all of the colours and scenes used throughout the building. Control is now as simple as using a 1 touch remote to instantly change the look, inside or out.


2014-01-16 16.22.22


Even the steps are edge lit with LED for safety while walking around

2014-01-16 16.22.31

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LED Lighting and dimming

I wanted to do an informative post on LED dimming as this seems to be the most common problem I get asked about. I’ll try to keep it simple and ungeeky as possible.

Are LEDs bulbs dimmable?


Most of them.

With the right dimmer/LED lamp configuration.

Confusing already.

Are your new LED lamps flickering, low light levels, partial dimming, and strobing?

Many people think their brand new LEDs are bad at this point. This isn’t usually the case. The first thing you can do is test your LED lamp in a non-dimmed fixture. If its fine, chances are its a dimming compatibility or load problem.

So lets break that down a bit. As an example, most of Sylvania’s LED lamps are dimmable. Some will work on the existing dimmer you already have installed. It has more to do with the dimmer and the load it sees. Most dimmers have a minimum load in watts. LEDs use far less power than regular lamps. If the dimmer requires a minimum load of 40 watts, and you only have three 10 watt LED lamps on it, chances are it won’t work right.

Sylvania has a list of common compatible dimmers and the minimum loads they need. Usually the best of them are ELV (Electronic Low Voltage) dimmers and in many cases just one LED is enough of a load for them to work. If you have a lot of LEDs on a circuit you will need a different dimmer.

Most quality manufacturers have a list like this and you would do well to follow it. Improper compatibility can shorten the lifespan of your expensive new LED lamps and may void the warranty in some cases. Do your due diligence before purchasing. A good retailer or contractor with the right knowledge can be a great asset. If done properly, your LED lamps could last decades.

Be aware than different LED products have different methods of operation and dimming. Some use 0-10V. Some use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Be aware of the type you have, and make sure you use the right protocol for dimming. The wrong combination can cause flickering, failure or EM interference.

Again, find a good seller who is knowledgeable about these things and can steer you in the right direction. Big box stores and many electrical supply places just don’t have that knowledge. They are there to sell things, not sell you the RIGHT thing. Sometimes you get lucky and will find a dealer than does have someone working there that does have the knowledge, but often that isn’t the case. LED technology is constantly changing and they just can’t keep up. Use a dealer who can give you the support you need before and after the sale.

Hope this helps you. If not, you can always call or email me. I am always here to help.


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LED Strips. Inexpensive, bright and extremely versatile!

LED light strips come in a variety of colours, power and brightness levels. They are also very customizable because of their ability to be cut at any point, and rejoined at another. With the right combination of product and vision, they are capable of creating a stunning effect for almost any area, inside or out.

Ledelco uses the very highest quality strips for our projects. Epistar class A LED diodes ensure long life, stability and superior brightness. Coupled with quality power supplies, controllers or dimmers, you can be sure your LED project will noticeable and long lasting.

These strips are available in various levels of weather and water protection so they are suitable for installation inside or out. Their flexibility and low profile make them extremely useful for a variety of projects. A very low cost but effective LED solution.

Their uses are limited only by your imagination. Windows, decks, display cases, building facades, valances, under cabinets, toe kick, residential or commercial.

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More LEDs in Downtown Halifax

LEDELCO has completed another Architectural LED lighting project in downtown Halifax, this time at 1559 Barrington St, at the corner of Barrington and Blowers. The old Carsand Mosher building is currently undergoing renovations and has several new tenants, including Maritime Summit Shop, specializing in the North Face brand and The Middle Spoon, a unique Desserterie and Bar. Tucked in the middle is the Argyle Fine Art gallery.

We installed 23 LEDELCO 30 watt RGB Beamlights across the face the building. All of the lights are DMX controlled and capable of an amazing array of colors and programs.

1559 Barrington Street

LED Lights in Halifax

Barrington St

More LED Lights in Halifax

Ledelco LED Project

Ledelco LED Project

Ledelco LED Lighting Project

Halifax LED Lights

Ledelco - Halifax LED Lighting

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Ledelco now offering Sylvania LED products.

Ledelco is now offering the complete line of  Sylvania LED products. From replacement lighting such as PAR type lamps and candle lamps to the Ultra RT4 Pot light retrofits.

A complete list of products and types can be found at:  https://www.sylvania.com/en-us/products/solid-state-lighting-led/Pages/default.aspxContact us for pricing and information.

Many of the Sylvania product PDFs and other information can be found at http://www.ledelco.com

Contact us for pricing and more informatiom

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LED Lighting at the Discovery Center in Halifax

A new Ledelco LED project.

The Discovery Center recently installed 10 Ledelco 36 watt LED floodlights in downtown Halifax, in Barrington St. These LED floodlights are RGB and through DMX control are capable of 16 million colors. They can be programmed to chase, flash, dim or strobe in any sequence.

Photos and video really doesn’t do it any justice. If you are in downtown Halifax after dark, check it out. It certainly is an eye catcher.

LED Lighting in Halifax on the Discovery Center

Discovery Center LED Lighting - Halifax


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